Some True Owl Facts

Let us start with a few true facts about the owl. Rather than narrate this post myself, I think you’ll find it vastly more enjoyable to watch this short video from YouTube, in which zefrank1 expounds upon several owl traits and facts (dare you not to grin).

Owl Facts: Owls Can Get a Grip, Seriously

For instance, did you know that this cute cuddly birdie has the strongest grip of any of the raptors? Makes you think twice about getting too close to that collection of stuffed owls up by the headboard, doesn’t it?

Owl Fact: Owls Have No Flight Feathers When Born

Oh, and it’s considered great form to throw up when you’re at dinner with an owl. After all, it’s a well known owl fact (or fact to owls) that it’s better to rid oneself of all those pesky bones and feathers before settling down for a post-prandial nap to digest.

Another owl fact, though lesser known: The owl’s eyes are positioned in such a way that it has almost no peripheral vision. However, the owl’s facial feathers form a sound receiver, sort of like a radar dish, that amplifies and tunes its surroundings. Unlike a radar dish, the owl can then fly after its target.